Catherine Kusasira Narrates 10kg Loss at the Hands of Covid-19

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Singer that also doubles as Presidential advisor Catherine Kusasira has come out to narrate her
10kg loss while battling with the deadly Covid-19.

Although the singer has not fully recovered from the contagious disease, she couldn’t help but
come out to narrate her struggle with the dreaded illness right from the time she noticed she
could not taste or smell and even worse, not breath well.

In a bid to seek medical attention, Catherine Kusasira ran to the hospital only to find most hospitals filled to capacity without accommodation any other patients which devastated her even further on top
of the Covid-19 symptoms that were dragging her down.

Luckily, Catherine Kusasira  got reference to another major hospital in the country but before she could attain any medical attention whatsoever, a sum of UGX 9 million was demanded of her forefront then
the treatment came in later.

At the time, the musician did not have all the money in cash but she was asked to pay UGX 6
million prior to attaining any form of medical treatment from the doctors which she had to do
without delay.

It is on these grounds that she has called upon the President and Ministry of Health to rescue
Ugandans from the outrageous bills being charged at hospitals for patients to attain medical


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Due to the torture Catherine Kusasira has faced while trying to find proper medical care and also footing the bills to see to it that she attains medical attention, she has urged Ugandans to wear masks
since the road down to recovering from Covid-19 is a scary one.

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