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Canary Mugume’s Tik-Tok Video with Isabella worries Sasha Ferguson

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Sasha Ferguson is on the verge of losing her husband Canary Mugume after he unveiled new bonking skills with Isabella Tugume.

After a few days of Canary Mugume and Isabella Tugume doing a tik tok video that went viral on social media. Many were left wondering how the two came to blend in so well.

After Isabella Tugume replacing Solomon Sserwanja as Canary’s co- host on NBS live at 9 bulletin. The two look happily together  that social media in-laws have decide to combine Mugume and Tugume to form Twegumye which is a Runyankole name to me let’s strengthen our selves.” # a match made from heaven.

This came following not only the tik tok video but also the Isabella’s post where she captioned her self and Canary with “Revolutionizing Television”. Under this tweet most comments came in calling at Sasha Brighton and others sarcastically questioning the two because they must be shaking Sasha’s table.

As though that’s not enough a one S. Abdul-Karim Nasser was quick to remind Isabella to slow down because Canary has already proposed to Sasha Ferguson.

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“Naye Canary and Isabella mwekoze bintu ensanji zino. Naye remember Canary (in @HakimKanyere’s voice) proposed to someone already.” He commented

However much social media in-laws are worried about Sasha Brighton it’s evident that Sasha is not worried because she fully trusts her man and she also understands that the two are professional friends.

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