Canary Mugume says Dre Cali is the next big star

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NBS News Anchor Canary Mugume has pronounced music newcomer Dre Cali as the next big star in the music industry.

Songbird Dre Cali is singed to the Mpaka records music label and over the last year since he joined the music scene, he has captured multiple people’s attention with his melodious voice that can make you fall in love.

Well, TV personality Canary Mugume is no exception to this charm as he came out and surrendered hands down that Dre Cali is undeniably the next big thing on Uganda’s music scene.

With songs such as “Zig-Zag”, “Ebisoka N’ebisembayo” down to collabos with artists such as Lydia Jazmine when their voices merged in the groundbreaking “Onanagiza” love ballad, it’s no secret that Dre Cali is meant for the skies.

To spice up our hopes, journalist Canary Mugume just had to come out and verbally lay it down for us all as he affirmed that indeed, Dre Cali is something from outside this world and his voice can not be categorized as an everyday thing.

Additionally, Canary Mugume disclosed that most of the time, he loves to listen to Dre Cali’s music which helps him relax and also have the much-needed peace with the love of his life, Sasha Ferguson.

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Time and again, Dre Cali has been compared to fallen music icon Moses Ssekibogo popularly known as Moze Radio as some people say he may be his perfect replacement, others believe he simply is a copy cat.

However, Dre Cali has chosen to stay humble as he rubbishs all these claims saying Radio was definitely way better than him and therefore he can never compare to him. He is simply a musician with something to offer.

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