Cafe Javas Trashes the Milkshake Rat Allegations with Video Footage

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Cafe Javas has come out to talk about the alleged ‘rat in the milkshake’ saga that has gone viral on social media. This happened yesterday when a client went rough with the food center saying that they served her with a milkshake that has a rat inside it!

Consequently, Cafe Javas trashes rat in the milkshake thing this by releasing a video footage showing that the client is telling lies. In a statement made today morning, recounting the events that happened that day, the order was made, Tuesday 24th August 2021, two clients had ordered two milkshake specifically Oreo and caramel milkshakes.

Subsequently, the orders were prepared at per with the health guideline standards that the
cafe usually adheres to while serving it’s customers under close supervision as captured the
CCTV cameras.

On Tuesday 24th August 2021 at approximately 2:46pm, two customers ordered for Oreo and
caramel milkshakes to take away. The two orders were prepared following our usual high
standard protocols of food safety and hygiene duly overseen by our supervisors before delivery
to the customers all in view of our closely monitored CCTV cameras,” the statement read in

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Shockingly, the client returned the next day at Cafe Javas stating that her milkshake has a rat in it was contaminated vermin and even a review of the footage on CCTV cameras could not convince her otherwise as she promised to share the video on various social media apps.

Therefore, Cafe Javas believes that the actions by the said victim were triggered by malicious
intentions to disrupt their business from normal functioning and chasing her clients away from

Despite this, they promise to continue serving their clients with utmost dedication and high
quality services meant to ensure that they have quality hygiene standard just as they always


VIDEO: Rat Found in Milkshake Puts Cafe Javas on a Test

God’s Plan Ug May be Sentenced to Death if Found Guilty

But we keep wondering, if a milkshake in prepared by blending, how did the rat enter the cup? Again, did the client contact Cafe Javas immediately she saw the rat or she waited for the next day? Me and you.

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