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Bruno K Curses Fellow Musicians For Being Selfish

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Musician Kiggundu Bruno, professionally known by his stage name Bruno K is furious with fellow musicians for being selfish.

A few weeks ago, Bruno K called upon musicians and other well wishers requesting them to help their fellow but forgotten musician Oscar Bigtime who was recently found in a very poor situation as he had resorted to selling scrap so as to survive.

However, Bruno K was not pleased with the way some musicians responded to his call as many of them gave him a deaf ear leaving Oscar with insufficient help. While appearing in an interview, Bruno k showed his dissatisfaction saying that if this incident happened in a different country, people would offer a helping hand. But in Uganda Musicians don’t care since they fear competition.

“If Oscar was in another country, everyone would help him. Here people don’t care. Where is the Uganda Musicians Association? Where is the one love we talk about? It’s a pity our industry is like this. You can not let someone with a talent go to waste even when u know they are capable,” he said

It should be note that just like many other musicians, Oscar’s music career came to an end due to his addiction to Alcohol.


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