Bruno K and Nina Roz Appear in Brand New Nipe Love Song

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Songbird Nina Roz of Black Market Records and soft singing Bruno K are already mashing it up with their brand new song, Nipe Love. This is a massive song and their first ever collaboration in their music career.

Nipe Love is  a Kiswahili phrase meaning (give me love) a complete love song that is done in three langauages. They include Luganda, Kinyarwanda and Kiswahili. The two singers are begging to be given love, and never to be hurt like how it happened before.

Nina Roz is by all means trying so hard to overcome the hard stress she is currently undergoing after she was dumped by her lover Daddy Andre. She has decided to focus on her fans, thus giving them only music. And as matter of facet, she has more projects dropping like Ontekako and many others.

More so, Bruno K who also doubles as the Black Market Records singer, is involved in another collaboration ever since the year began. This duo is seen to be a perfect match in this Nipe Love song, and if Black Market Records can again join the two and make another song, they will be good at the game.

Nipe Love is a song produced by Brian Beats of the Beats House in Salama, and he gave it all his energy. Ladies and  gentlemen, let us enjoy the song.



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