Breaking : General Katumba Wamala in critical condition after being shot at, Daughter & Driver Dead

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Outgoing Minister of Works and Transport General Katumba Wamala in critical condition after being shot Seeven times at in Kisasi.

The tragic incident occurred today’s morning and not only did it put the former Ministers’ life in a critical condition but also claimed the life of his driver and daughter Brenda Wamala Nantongo due to injuries sustained from the shooting.

Currently the Minister is under medical attention although reports on his current condition are yet to be provided to the public. The only information available at press time is the fact that he is still in a very critical condition.

Shortly after the attack, the General was seen stepping out of the car with a pained expression on his face but from the look of things, there’s hope that he’ll pull through this seeing as he’s a strong man.

In the previous parliament, General Katumba Wamala served as the Minister of Works a position he assumed after being appointed by the head of state in the 14th, December 2019.

Katumba Wamala Car

Prior to this, he had served on the Executive as the Minister of Works from 17th, January 2017 until 14th December 2019 when he was reappointed to the office of Minister of Works and Transport.

The attempted assassination on the former Minister’s life comes as a shock to the general public since he hasn’t been in any form of grudge or verbal confrontation with his colleagues or workmate.

Brenda Wamala
Brenda Wamala Nantongo (Right)
The Deceased Brenda Wamala (Right)

Uganda Police is yet to realize a statement on the recent events that could have resulted to the Minister’s shooting or who could have been the master mind behind the sudden happening.

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But as we await the report from police, one thing is certain people around Kisasi are in great shock following the recent events and also the general public since the former Minister has been a very humble man.

Katumba Wamala Dead

We shall keep you posted on what is happening as we await a report from both the medical team as well as the police. Meanwhile, let us all keep General Katumba Wamala’s life in prayers.

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