Boyfire Video Remix Set to Drop Soon

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Boyfire remix video featuring Uganda’s Sheebah Karungi and Zambia’s Roberto set to drop anytime soon.

The audio despite it’s release in just for months, has hit 27,000 views on YouTube. This therefore means it’s prominence shall only grow once the music video has been dropped.

Initially, Sheebah released her famous boyfire truck featuring Selector Jeff six months ago and the song has since become one of the nation’s favourites. Today, statistics on YouTube indicate that the song so far has 1.9 million views.

Two months after, she dropped her remix with Roberto whose colourful video shall soon be available on YouTube. The video however will also be on whichever video app you love to affiliate with for your viewing pleasure.

Roberto has time and time again featured in various songs with local Ugandan artist as he one year ago appeared in collaboration with Beenie Gunter when they dropped “Nomo” and three months ago, he featured in “loving” alongside Vinka.

The talented musicians’ songs have over time stuck with Ugandans. Especially after a few years ago “amarula” had many people getting off their feet and dancing to the beat after it’s release.

Aside from Ugandan artists, Roberto has also collaborated with artists froms other East African countries and even artists from countries in other parts of the African continent.

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