Bobi Wine Attacks President Museveni in his Ogenda Song

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Kyagulanyi Ssentamu Robert aka Bobi Wine as ranted again but this time round in a song called Ogenda (meabning you are going). This is his latest and end of year song the singer turned politician has for his fans and hi arch political rival the president of Uganda

Ogenda is full of things Bobi Wione believes president Museveni has done to the nation and the citizens at large. In the same song, he says that the current president ‘stole’ the presidency, something that he still needs a lot of time to prove since the Uganda Electoral Commission declared Gen. Museveni as the duly elected president.


All this is continuously bred by the February presidential elections that were held this year and results turned out ti show that Bobi came second to Gen. Museveni. Ever since then, there has been a very bitter blood between the two thus the breeding of Ogenda song.

However, Bobi Wine did not did not completely fail on the general elections as his political party NUP emerged the one with the highest number of Members of Parliament (Opposition). Ogenda takes us through a political quagmire which has left many wondering whether what is being said is right or wrong.

My new song Ogenda sent directly to dictator Museveni at Entebbe Enzibe” Bobi Wine tweeted meaning the song was a direct hit to the president.

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