Blow as the Uganda COVID-19 Taskforce Leaves Lockdown Lifting Hanging in Space

The Ministry of Health and the Covid-19 national taskforce is still in balance on how to handle the post lockdown situation with a few suggestions put in place

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With hours remaining to the end of the 42-days lockdown that was instituted on June 18, the Covid-19 national taskforce has recommended the mode of lifting it, although not yet in the final stage. The Uganda covid-19 task force is not decided on the lockdown lifting.

According to sources, there is no resolution that has been agreed on yet regarding the reopening though the taskforce agreed on phased reopening. However more discussions are  still ongoing.

No resolution yet but agreed is that reopening  be in phased manner but more discussions are still unlocking and things might be different and might turn around with tomorrow’s meeting” a Times Corp revealed.

It is further being put to record that,  that a small committee has been put up by the Prime Minister Nabbanja to analyze and discuss the details today in a meeting that will be chaired by Ministry of Health under Dr. Ruth Acieng. This is all working on lifting the 42 days lockdown in Uganda

The President, who is expected to address the nation tomorrow evening, remains the final decision maker on this matter .

It should however be remembered that, President Yoweri Museveni Tibuhaburwa  imposed a second lockdown following a second wave of the Covid-19 pandemic that increased Covid-19 cases, hospital admissions, and deaths more than 50 days ago.

At the start,, cases were growing steadily until they reached the peak of 1,735 on June 10. However, as per the Ministry of Health, the numbers began to drop on June 30.

More so, experts like Dr. Mukuzi Muhereza, also a medical practitioner, said the Uganda lockdown lifting must be made a point partially with limited travels to Kampala, which is the center of business and has registered more cases.

On the other hand, Dr Abed Bwanika, the Kimaanya-Kabonera Division MP, said the lockdown must be lifted because the level of suffering in communities is too high.

The key thing is to access vaccines. [But] the option of extending the lockdown will be very detrimental to the nation. We hope that those who are advising the President will advising him rightly,” Dr Bwanika said.

And there is need to emphasise the need to continue observing SOPs. We are also proposing that government should invest in availing handwashing facilities in the public to aid containment of the virus. They did this in Rwanda,” he added.

Hopes Hanging on Vaccination 

Experts say vaccination is best solution to reopening though amidst shortage of vaccines the public should continue observing standard operating procedures as the country is opened partially as the country cannot stay in lockdown for long time.


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It should be remembered that, earlier this week, Dr. Monica Musenero, the Minister of Science and Technology, also the presidential adviser on epidemics, revealed that, when people do not observe SOPs and cases escalate, it  always risks another lockdown. Let us wait and see how the 42 days Uganda lockdown lifting will be.

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