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Blogger Turned Begger Isma Olaxess Cries for Food, Curses First Family

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Filled with frustration and sadness, blogger and motormouthed Isma Olaxess has today attacked top
government officials for their evil deeds. He then attacked the first family separately, for failing to think about the people but use all the government money to develop their homes.

In the video that is making rounds on Facebook, Isma Olaxess is heard cursing the first family where he
says that the His excellency Yoweri Museveni took all the oxygen cylinders and stationed them at his home. And is in that seat because he is lucky but he needs to know that his time is done and now it’s time for Natasha and Muhoozi to comfort him.

Museveni, you are lucky but your time is done. Now is the time when Natasha and Muhoozi should comfort you for us we are tired of our people dying when you got all the oxygen cylinders and stationed them at your homes am leaving us to use herbs. We pray for all parliamentarians to die of Coronavirus.” Isma started his cursing spree.

From the first family, he went ahead and attacked government officials one by one telling them its time to think about him because he is dying of hunger. As though that’s not enough, he went ahead and cursed the likes of Milly Babalanda, General Katumba Wamala.

He also, did not spare the persons of Rose Namayanja, Tayebwa and Baryomunsi wishing they should all be attacked by the deadly pandemic and die because they are using government money in useless things like giving prostitutes money and forget those that looked for them votes.

Baryomunsi you need to know that am you neighbor and all I need is not your recognizing me
on the road but I am hungry and I need food. I need no car lights but food is all I need. Nabanja please I need food think about us that put you in government before you think about anything else” he continues his cry.

Madam Namayanja and Babalanda come rescue me I am dying of hunger. I am tired of you people using us when you need us and then leaving us to die I need food. We well know people are tired of you and that why you send us to represent you because there are places you can not reach but now you have failed to think about us in these trying times.” Blogger Isma Olaxess hit hard his bosses.


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And for Tayebwa I wish Coronavirus can take you and all you calm members to the tomb. Go once
held you with respect but you recently showed me that you are a nuisance.” Isma Olaxess continued with his cursing.

It should be remembered that, this is not the first time blogger Isma Olaxess is attacking his bosses, but this time he has hit the bar so high. We hope they hear his voice and act accordingly by sending him some ka money even if it goes pulosesi by pulosesi.


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