Blizz Uganda launches a Business Directory website

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Uganda’s entertainment news company Blizz Uganda has diversified its scope after opening what they said will be the largest online business directory. The directory will be having profiles of Ugandan companies, contact information and what the company deals in.

Companies will be allowed to submit their own information to be listed while other companies
will be directly listed by the admins According to Blizz Uganda CEO, Nasa Tushabe, he said this was done to help companies increase their online presence in Uganda and also help customers to find important information about businesses.

Information is scarce about Ugandan companies online, with exception of a handful of companies and businesses that have websites; you can hardly get information or contact info about a Ugandan business by searching on the popular search engine Google. We are offering a platform where people will list their businesses freely.”  Said Nasa Tushabe in a social media statement.

Uganda has a few handful online directories unlike countries like Nigeria, Kenya and South Africa which have a lot of business directories that have helped businesses in those countries gain a lot from internet.

The directory of Blizz Uganda so far has 1000 companies listed and is being updated every day to make increase
the number of companies listed.


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