Black Market Records Warns Nina Rose Over Defamation

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For the past weeks Nina Akankunda a.k.a Nina Rose came out to his fans to show her dissatisfaction with Black Market Records Uganda who she claimed took her only source of income (YouTube )since COVID led to the bar of concerts .

Her close friends also claiming that she wasn’t doing well financially and her mental health was at risk . Well black market records came out to clear allegations from Nina Roz that they never took her YouTube channel away from her . further more ask her to seek the justice and get a lawyer and take the matter to authority . Tony says all this on local television, Spark tv.

Black Market Records Uganda adds if there was anyone that was more sinned against it would be them since Nina Rose signed an exclusive contract to do twelve songs but only managed to do five , this doesn’t meet the the target they had agreed .

Black Market Records Uganda warns artists who want to collaborate with Nina Rose and Bruno K that their projects will be stuck till they settle their differences.


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Mulungi added that the record label has all powers to do what they are doing because these artistes signed their contracts sober and they need to respect their contracts.

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