Best University Courses to offer in Uganda, 2021

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Usually, students are stuck in the dilemma of selecting the best courses while at the university in Uganda  especially with the increasing rates of unemployment throughout the country.

However, you don’t need to worry as our pilot story helps come up with the best 7 courses to study so as to avoid the deep fangs of unemployment. Here are the best courses to iffer at university in Uganda 2021.

Bachelor of Commerce

Accountants surely have the ability to balance out numbers and keep a company afloat especially when it comes to handling the financial aspects of the company at all times. No wonder bachelor of Commerce cannot fail to appear on this list since in most cases, companies such as banks require and account to audit their transactions and provide professional knowledge.

So in case you are good at mathematics and looking for a safe haven that shall turn one of your
specialties into a source of livelihood for you, this course is the answer to your life long dream
coming to life, look no further.

Bachelor of Journalism and Communication

The urge to appear on television is usually the driving factor when most people make the
decision to offer this course when it it time to enroll into the university upon completion of
secondary level education.

However, there’s more to it as you could also become a communication personnel especially for
a company, a sector that is still virgin and available for people to tackle while searching for jobs.

So in case you were thinking of offering the course so as to appear on mainstream media, good
news is there is another catch to it and you could actually become a wonderful communication

Bachelor of Information Systems and Technology

Usually, this generation is referred to as the dot com era thanks to the technology advancements which have seen the world shift from the previous analog to the digital system over time.

So what would be better than going along with the trend of the world today by venturing into
the technology world through one of the best courses ever information systems and technology.

Technology personal are hot cakes in the country and the world at large now since everyone is
trying to embrace the new normal only intensified by the birth of the deadly Covid-19. Hence
this surely is the best time to do this course. It is also one of the best university courses in Uganda 2021.

Bachelor of Civil Engineering

A comedian once said the reason as to why he is proud to be a Ugandan is because Ugandan
road have the deepest potholes that could sway you out of your seat and drag you back to the
Earth’s center.

In case you have travelled within Uganda especially to upcountry locals, you will surely attest to
this. Even the already constructed road have been entrusted to Chinese companies which will
only boost their foreign earnings and profit repatriation.

Therefore, there is need for Ugandans to come up and study courses such as civil engineering so that
we can focus on working on our rural roads as well as take up these contracts instead of
trusting them to foreign companies.

Bachelor of Law (LLB)

Unlike the societal stereotype that most people that study law are unemployed, reality actually
points towards the other direction as lawyers are one of the most relevant people in society for
out day to day survival.

From the court room to organization, education institutions down to companies, lawyers are
very important since they usually are the legal mind of the company hence to avoid landing on
the wrong side of the law, nearly every functioning organization needs a lawyer.

So drop the worry of not having a job, Lawyers turn the world run and are essential for nearly
every functioning organization to survive.

Bachelor of Pharmacy

Recently, Prof. Ogwang is certainly one of the most celebrated Ugandans after he was able to
manufacture Covidex, a herbal support remedy for the deadly coronavirus hence easing down
on the frustration caused by the presence of Covid-19.

Well, pharmacists surely ease down on tensions due to their ability to manufacture various
treatments for some of the world’s deadly diseases which keep on claiming more and more
lives daily.

We certainly need more of these practitioners in the country so as to manufacture more of the
already existing drugs as well as new drugs to fight some of the most acute diseases the world
has been faced with.

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Bachelor of Medicine

Medicine is one of the best courses anyone could study currently and if the prestige associated
to the course is not enough, the growing demand for medics world wide shall surely lead you
towards offering the course.

In the wake of Covid-19, we were informed of the reality that the medical profession is under
staffed since most of the practitioners in the field have had to work themselves beyond the
brick so as to save lives.

So in case you are passionate about humanity with the urge to save more lives, the medical
field surely is your calling.

Now you know what is the best course to offer at University in Uganda 2021.

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