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Bebe Cool – You criticize because you have no idea about my wealth

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Bebe Cool has lashed out to social media in-laws who misunderstood him. A few weeks ago, musicians released their list of compensation to the Operation Wealth Creation Boss, Gen: Salim Saleh.

On seeing this list there was a social media alarm as everyone was wondering why musicians are highly branding themselves not forgetting how long they have been under this locks and how much money the earn per concert.

While appearing on a talk Show, Bebe Cool was asked to give some light about the 600M that left everyone wondering why he is over hyping himself. He defended himself saying that he is worth every penny he asked for.

Additionally Bebe Cool revealed that on normal days he makes around 300M on a single day just form one concert. He say all those who are criticizing musicians know nothing about how the music industry works so it’s hard to even convince them.

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“People who are criticizing us don’t understand the industry. I get 300M from a concert in a single day at Kiwatule. You can’t say I don’t deserve 600M. I would have earned that money in few days during normal times. I had also gotten a deal with Guinness in January 2020. I was going to earn around 400M but unfortunately all didn’t go as planned due to the deadly pandemic .,” Bebe Cool said in a talk show.


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