Bamutute Another Azawi’s Hit song off African Music album 2021

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It is a secret no more that come October 9th , Swangz avenue Azawi shall be dropping her first ever African music album as the rest of the country celebrates Independence Day. Here she appears in Bamutute/Bamututte fresh song.

However, how much do you know about this album and do you know the songs that shall consist
of the 14 track album that Azawi shall unleash to the world come that day. Well worry no more
as we are here to give you the details of the album.

Track number 3 on the 14 album track shall be a single by the artist dubbed “Bamututte/Bamutute.” This
can loosely be translated into English as “they have taken him or her” depending on the personas
gender which can’t be known just from the song’s title.

Also, among the fourteen songs on the album, “bamututte/bamutute” is one of the ten singles that are
appearing while the other four songs are collaborations with either Ugandan artist or artists from
within the region of East Africa.

Therefore, we have another reason to look forward to this song since only the title will force you
to raise your eye brows. Many questions arise once you look at the title of the song for instance,
who is the captive and who are those capturing him or her.

The title also makes us wonder what the story line behind the song truly is. From hearing
“bamututte/bamutute,” it invokes a feeling of lose but who has lost what, questions only the song can
answer, so sit back and wait for the song so as to know “ani gwe batutte.”


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