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Victoria university reveals illiterate,ex Convict-Bad black as their ambassador.

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The Kampala’s illiterate socialite Shanita Namuyimbwa a.k.a Bad black has been appointed as newest official Victoria university along Jinja road brand ambassador.

Bad black has quite a history to be a head of a serious brand or institution. However, Years ago, Bad Black was sentenced to 4years in prison for stealing her former British lover’s sh11bn. Prides in extorting money from her numerous baby daddies, she is a sex worker. In addition she is illitrate, one would ask what she knows about university.

In addition, Bad Black is expected to engage in the “business of brand marketing” through her various platforms.  Which she has earned through her infamous stunts like cases involving fraud, drug abuse, indecency, exchanging of words with celebrities, dating younger boys, shaming every creature on this planet among others.

She also shared on her Facebook live soon as they had given her the contract that she still has failed to pronounce some words in English like bursary and also urged students to come to Victoria university since they will provide for their needs like data and save them being prostitutes. This has made rounds on social media with people mocking the system. Quite a start for the newest brand ambassador.

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The University owned by businessman Sudhir Ruparelia was recently in the limelight after its Vice Chancellor Dr. Lawrence Muganga was arrested over espionage.

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