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Bad Black and Lover Asha Fly to Zanzibar Ahead of Their Wedding

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Rumors reaching our desk indicate that Bad Black and her lover, known as Asha have allegedly flown to Zanzibar ahead of their most anticipated wedding 2021.

Although Bad Black has not come out to say a thing, sources reveal that the couple could already be in Zanzibar in preparation for their long anticipated wedding whose date has never been disclosed.

Plans all along have been that the wedding should be private and exclusive as Bad Black said, musicians wouldn’t be invited seeing as many of them have smelly armpits while single people would bring the yet to be wedded couple bad luck.

Therefore, the bride resolved that the wedding would be an only invite event away in the beauties of Zanzibar and the only invited people would be her married friends to bless her with luck in her marital life.

Word on street has it that Bad Black already set foot in Zanzibar alongside lover Asha and her son Jesse in preparation for her exclusive wedding event that maybe anytime now to everyone’s surprise.

The socialite has already created traffic on many Social media platforms such as Snapchat as she keeps feeding in pictures at the 5-star Hotel Verde in Zanzibar only increasing anxiety of the soon to be wedding.


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Recently Asha proposed to Bad Black following their two year long relationship, this has left no doubt in the heart of Bad Black that Asha is in deed the man she was made for and she surely has his missing rib.

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