Azawi Comes in Gimme off Her African Music Album 2021

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After dropping her full album African Music 2021, singer and Swangz Avenue artiste Azawi appears in Gimme song which is number on on her debut album. The singer is proud to drop this song which she did alone and is ready to keep releasing one by one.

Gimme is a song which she did in complete Jamaican Patois and as usual, she did it very right. She talks about how she is the queen of great vibes, and she asks to be added more crowns on this. Just after her release of Slow Dancing great tune, she drops African Music Album which has started making massive rounds.

It seems this lockdown came in as a blessing to the creative Azawi, and her name has been painted on the wall of Uganda’s greatest of all time after releasing Gimme off her African Music album 2021. She is the first female artiste to release a full album in this whole lockdown.

Although, female artistes do not match males in Uganda as far as ‘lockdown’ albums are concerned, but at least Azawi has broken the ice. Let us embrace Gimme massive tune as we wait for others to be released.


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