Audio alert, Feffe Bussi Alongside Maliswena in Story hit

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FBM’s Feffe Bussi and Maliswena have united in the production of the Story hit 2021 which shall
surely take the air waves by storm.

The song narrates a story about some of the greatest challenges the world is currently faced
with which range from the maltreatment of blacks in other continents, to the life threatening
Covid-19 pandemic and the currently ongoing fights among musicians over a relief aid that was
given to them.

Furthermore, the song provides hope that no matter what we are going through now, the
situation shall surely get back to normal since nothing lasts forever and there’s always hope for
a better future.

While speaking about how Black Lives Matter, Feffe Bussi and Maliswena speak of how it is
essential that we treat each other with respect is instead of belittling other people especially on
basis of their skin color.

In relation to the current COVID-19 pandemic, Feffe Bussi with Story song pumps hope into our hearts
reminding every single listener that this is not a permanent condition and soon the hunger that
is biting into people’s bellies as well as the financial challenges they are facing shall soon come
to pass.

Finally, Feffe Bussi addresses the elephant in the room speaking of the ongoing feud among
most musicians. Due to the hope of attaining relief aid, there’s been a deep split between
musicians with hope of getting the money. The industry is in chaos over the long brewing


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Produced by Neysam, the song Story surely by Maliswena is the perfect way not only to tackle the current challenges in society but also to restore hope in many people that have given up thanks to
various challenge life has presented to us.

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