AstraZeneca Second Jab Raises Red Flags After Men Complain of Sterility

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Reports coming in from across the country indicate that the second jab of the AstraZeneca jab is
allegedly making men sterile. This has raised red flags amongst men as others vow not to take the second jab.

According to them, since getting the second jab, they have allegedly failed to perform their
bedroom duties which is worrying since they were perfectly fine prior to attaining the second
dose of the vaccine.

One of the victims lamented out through his Twitter handle in which he said health
practitioners ought to have notified them what was in store for them instead of keeping them it
the dark.

Additionally, the same tweep Duncun Abigaba says he is not the only victim as he is speaking
out for many other Ugandan men who have chosen to stay silent for fear of being stigmatized

“I know men fear to talk about this. But doctors show have warned us about the second
AstraZeneca jab. Two weeks now and certain quarters cannot function properly,” lamented
Duncun Abigaba on his Twitter handle.

Many people had chosen to turn a blind eye to the matter as one of the meaningless banter by
tweeps who speak of everything and anything, however the situation quickly changed once
renown media personality Daniel Lutaaya also chipped in.

Through his tweet, Daniel Lutaaya spoke of how many Ugandan men have actually come up to
file complaints against the second jab of the AstraZeneca vaccine claiming that it has silenced
their machines.

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AstraZeneca 2nd jab recipients in Uganda complain of erectile disfunction,” read Daniel
Lutaaya’s tweet which only increased the worry levels among many Ugandans due to the
claimed impacts of the second jab.

However, the Ministry of Health has not said anything to the allegations so far.

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