Archbishop Stanley Ntagali Adultery Case Overturns, Demanded to Pay 530m

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As we thought that the man of God was out of trouble, we were wrong! Archbishop Stanley Ntagali is now in fresh trouble as as the husband to Judith (the woman he was involved in a sexual affair with) has come out through his lawyers and demanded for compensation.

In a letter addressed to him, Tugumehamwe Christopher says that, he adds Stanley Ntagali in the cause for the divorce of him and his wife Tukamuhabwa Judith that happened on the 8th of December 2020. This was after just two years since the two had legalized their marriage in Church as of 15th December 2018.

It has come to our client’s knowledge that, you were commiting adultery with our client’s wife and that she currently bears your own child who was born in their marriage. It has also come to the knowledge of our client that you encouraged , advised and ensured our client’s wife petitions for divorce” part of the letter reads.

The lawyers lead by Rev. Bikaginso Ezrah under his Bikangiso Advocates continue to sting the Archbishop that since Ntagali confessed to have been involved in an affair with Judith in a video. They say is enough evidence that the two met severely and countless times.

Archbishop Ntagali Side Chic
Tukamuhabwa Judith

Tugumehamwe Christopher through his layers also, insists that he lost his job as a lecturer at Bishop Barham University College and that he has minimal chances to rise through in the clergy ranks. Therefore, he put the damages together and asked to be paid as soon as possible by Stanley Ntagali.

We herby make the following demands, pay a sum of Ugx. 500,000,000as damages accasioned to our client, then pay the sum of 30,000,000 as costs incurred so far in divorce cause No. 5/2020 by and to our client.” The letter continues to read. Again, Christopher demands Archbishop Stanley Ntagali to apologize in person as the Bible states.

Formally apologize in person to our client (see Mathew 5: 23-24)” the letter continued to demand.


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