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Anita Fabiola on “Death Row” for Abusing Her Father

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Social media has gone ablaze after famous media presenter Anita Fabiola’s audio while abusing her father went viral.

In the audio, Anita is clearly upset with her father as she keeps on disgracing him or allegedly beating up her brother to the extent of sending him into the Intensive Care Unit. Her anger is unmeasurable as she goes to an extent of calling him a dog.

Without knowing the events that lead to the crossfire in between Anita and her father, social media by standers have come out to condemn Anita for the act of disrespect towards her father as many people believe what she did was un called for.

According to tweep, Evelyn Nakayi, what Anita did was extremely disrespectful as she tweeted saying “Eehhh! Fabiola wakikoze baby girl! That was so rude of you to abuse your father,” and this is just one of many more comments expressing disappointment in Anita.

Another tweep who is popularly known as Darker Skin expressed how much he sympathizes with a parent that maybe in the shoes of Anita Fabiola’s father who has worked tooth and nail to see to it that his daughter succeeds in life.

“Imagine sacrificing everything to raise your child and when she makes it, she abuses you to pulp like Fabiola did her father,” he expressed his sympathy with Fabiola’s father through his twitter handle.

However, this particular tweet sparked a debate right away as some people said that he (her father) in deed deserved what he got and the entire blame shouldn’t be put on Anita Fabiola for what she did when she abused him.

“Parenthood shouldn’t be used as a standpoint for one to be exempted from ridicule, some parents are bad and they need to know it. We should all know that no one asks to be born, you’re not doing a favor to the child if you decide to give birth to them,” The Corrector tweeted.

Gen Situka on the other hand may have gone by the charity begins as home saying as in his point of view, her father did not do enough to raise Anta in an upright way and that explains how she disrespected him.

Such are the debates that sprouted from the Anita Fabiola issue. Whereas some people believed her actions were unforgivable, other also questioned her father’s conducted. But above all, the biggest question is, who linked this audio to social media?

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Stay attuned to timeug as we unveil what events transpired before this news was broken on social media.

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