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Angella Katatumba admits she once cried and knelt for love

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The first cut is the deepest as singer Angella Katatumba admits she once cried and knelt for love.

Despite all her heartbreaks, singer Katatumba admits the first heartbreak she ever received in her life was from her first boyfriend when she was only eighteen years old.

The singer went on to say that she could not believe it had all come to an end as she knelt and wept while holding onto the love of her life for mercy but he only bashed her off saying she should move on with her life.

She went on to say that since then, no other heartbreak has hurt as much and she doesn’t believe any other man to take her to the extremes she went through while she was dating her first love.

“When my first boyfriend chucked me. I knelt for him not to leave me. I cried and held him tightly but he told me to let go and understand that nothing lasts forever,” Katatumba said during the interview.

In her defense, she was just a young girl who was fully blown away by the idea of being in love that she did not believe she could ever live to see the day her relationship would come to a tragic end.“I was young and had too much love. I was just 18,” said Katatumba.

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Since then, no matter what kind of relationship drama she is exposed too, Katatumba learned that she can endure anything since her first relationship never ended even after it had last for one year and a half.



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