Analyzing Muhammed Ssegirinya Performance, The Best Member of Parliament so far

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Kawempe North Member of Parliament Muhammed Ssegirinya is surely 100% better than all
Members of Parliament in the August house. We are looking at his performance currently out of the 529 Members of Parliament in Uganda.

Upon being elected in power, many people looked at Muhammed Ssegirinya as a joke, however, his actions over time have proven that he is way better than many Members of Parliament and even those
that have been in power before him like Latif Ssebagala.

In the midst of this lockdown, when many elected Members of Parliament have shunned away
from their starving voters, Ssegirinya has made it his life objective to feed the people by
providing food from door to door.

However, just as the local adage goes, it is better to teach someone how to grow crops rather
than providing them with food everyday. Muhammed Ssegirinya has also bought motorcycles for the
unemployed youth in his community so that they can venture into the boda boda business.
That way, they can fend for their families.

In line to the above, the unique legislator has also introduced the Seggy box. Every boda boda
rider in his locality is expected to contribute a fee of UGX 10,000 on a daily basis which is meant
to help in acquiring more boda bodas for other unemployed youth in Kawempe North.

Medication is one of the essential basic needs for human survival. And being the wonderful and
thoughtful leader he is, Muhammed Ssegirinya has already established a medical facility for the people of Kawempe North which he recently commissioned.

Adding to the list of Ssegirinya’s endeavors to better Kawempe North, Kawempe North
technical institute shall soon be up and running. This way, many people can be equipped with
skills which will help them survive and establish themselves as better people in the community.


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In case we are to look around, surely no single Member of Parliament has even gone half way as
far as Muhammed Ssegirinya has. This is why we have reason to believe that he surely is the most
accomplished Member of Parliament in the August house.

If only other members of Parliament could borrow just a leaf, then Uganda would surely be a
better place.

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