An Independence Day To Look Forward To

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Since Uganda attained her independence on the 9th of October 1962, the date has become deeply engraved as independence day in the hearts of citizens as it is celebrated every single year.

Despite the presence of covid-19 which has forced people into their houses far the past two year, it is no doubt that this Independence Day shall indeed stand out especially in the music industry.

As it has been known for a while now, Dr. Jose Chameleon shall be dropping his album, “I Am Joseph” come the 9th of this month. Which the musician has simply described as a combination of priceless music.

Furthermore, according to a well-informed source, the album shall feature over twelve songs. These were produced by producer Bugingo Hannington and song-writer Yese Oman Rafiki.

On the same day, “my year” singer Azawi shall also be dropping her album dubbed, “African music.” The fourteen truck album truly has a lot of surprises for us.

Right from collaborations with some of Uganda’s’ greatest artist down to duets with a surprise artist from one of East Africas’ nations. Certainly you can’t miss out on this one.

Among the songs set to feature on this album include Gimme, Craving your heavy, Bamututte and Thankful.

In case you can’t get a hangover the Independence Day celebrations, well there’s more I store. You surely have to be ready for what is coming your way because you’ll dance endlessly to various beats.

Come 11th October, two days later, Spice Diana shall be dropping a duet alongside a surprise Tanzanian singer. Neither the title nor the other artist is known but the date must not be forgotten.

Four days later, on the 15th , Ykee Benda shall also drop Umbrella off his 17 track album, Kirabo. The song shall feature Rwanda’s Uncleaustin and shall be out at exactly 4:00pm that.

So stay stunned so that all the goodies to be unveiled right from 9th October. Don’t pass by you without your notice. Happy independence day Uganda.

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