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All You Need to Know About Mc Africa, Rising From Grass to Grace

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MC Africa was a myth unheard of in Uganda before the ‘Twende Tupaate’ hit song was
dropped. Right after the song was dropped, the unsuspecting MC Africa grabbed onto his
ladder to success.

Initially, he started out as one of the infamous social media users who has been recorded as he
ushers us into the weekend with the now mastered line, ‘it’s a Friday’ while Pia Pounds’
‘twende tupaate’ song played on the radio.

A humble setting it was in deed with a radio seated next to him on a bench while a hut gave the
perfect background as well as the ideal image of an upcountry home setting from which Mc
Africa welcomed the weekend.

Such a simple act gave Pia Pound’s song great fame pushing it through the porous Ugandan
borders as the entire East African community listened and danced to ‘Twende tupaate’ with
utmost joy.

That’s was just the beginning as Mc Africa was dragging to Kampala for his undeniable talent.
Brushes and perfumes roamed his body and he returned as a different man from the one we
had seen before.

His slippers replaced with fancy shoes while his stay home outfit was substituted with a suit
that was cut and tailored perfectly to make every curve and age of his body without forgetting
his one in a kind hairstyle.

After the country awoke from this shock, a trio emerges just to add the seasoning to the
‘twende tupaate remix’ song which featured Pia Pounds, Eddy Kenzo and yes you got that right, Mc


Eddy Kenzo, Pia Pounds and Mc Africa in Tupaate Remix

What a transformation right, from an innocent social media user to a feature with two of the
country’s leading artists, one being a BET award winning star. All we can say is that God can
really uplift you and all you have to do is, ‘trust the process.’

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