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AIGP Asan Kasingye Embraces New UOT President Patrick Kanyomozi

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Outgoing President of Ugandans on Twitter (UOT) AIGP Asan Kasingye is glad that Patrick Kanyomozi
shall be replacing him as president of Ugandans on Twitter.

Basing on recently conducted polls, Patrick Kanyomozi stepped in as the new president for
Ugandans on Twitter (UOT) a position which was previously held by AIGP Asan Kasingye that gladly
handed over.

After the declaration of the results, AIGP Asan Kasingye went ahead to congratulate Patrick
Kanyomozi and said that in deed he deserved the position and shall lead the people on Twitter
greatly as his tweet read;

Hongera @PatriqKanyomozi on your election as our next UOT President . Being succeeded by u
gives me pleasure. I know your leadership capabilities & commitment to noble causes. Without
any doubt, I know u will treat us with respect irrespective of our different opinions. Blessings.” Asan Kasingye tweeted

The good news threw Capital Fm’s Lucky Mbabazi into a victory party as she could not help but tweet,
Another opportunity for me to become 1st lady” from the joy of attaining the good news.

Patrick Kanyomozi, the new UOT president soon came out to bust her bubble as he told her irrespective of becoming the new first lady, she does not stand a chance to hold any ministry whatsoever so she needs to calm down and relax.


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“Okitegera! But Pepi I won’t make you Minister of Education and Sports. I thank you and wish
you good luck.” he joked. It should be remembered also that, Patrick recently appeared on the list of the most handsome men on Twitter Uganda. Congratulations Mr. Patrick

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