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Aida Birabwa, Taata Sam’s baby mama still willing to stand by his side

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Aida Birabwa, Tata Sam’s long time lover has said she’s willing to stick with him no matter what has happened between them.

On multiple occasions, allegations have been made that Taata Sam is running an affair with city socialite Brown Sugar despite having a wife and children. However, his wife, Aida Birabwa has come out to say that she still respects him as the father to her children.

Previously, rumour has been spreading around about how Taata Sam’s baby mama had dumped him and also their marital home which forced him to opt for Sipapa’s ex-lover Brown Sugar.

This has left us wondering if Taata Sam was indeed just when he decided to opt for option two or was it merely a biased rumour to cover up for the comedians’ tendencies of adultery.

As an end result, Taata Sam now fathers children with both his side dish and baby mama and it is not clear which of the two he would opt for as he seems to love them equally if social media posts are anything to go by.

While expressing her stand on the situation, Aidah Birabwa said in Luganda, “MATAYO 6:34 Kale temweraliikiranga bya bio kubanga olunaku olwa jjo lulyeraliikirira ebyalwo. Olunaku olumu ekibi kyalwo kirumala🙌🙌.”

In English, this can loosely be translated as the provisions of the Bible Mathew 6:34.

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