6 Male Ugandan Artists That Have Topped The COVID-19 Lockdown

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Once President Museveni instated the covid-19 lockdown on the 21st of March, 2020, the music industry kissed day light goodbye, however, 6 Male Ugandan Artists remained on scene. Close to one year and a half later, not even a murmur has been heard about the music industry.

Despite these conditions, some male artists still defied the odds and went ahead to produce songs that surely turned the sour lockdown moments into honey moments.

Here are 6 Male Ugandan Artists that certainly made the lockdown period a worthwhile;

6. Ykee Benda:


Mpaka records boss Ykee Benda surely made the lockdown memorable not only for his fans but for other artists too as he managed and helped Dre Cali progress in his music career.

During the lockdown, Ykee Benda released multiple songs some of which include;. “Banange” that he did with Lydia Jazmine, Weekend, Some Love and Radio Man which featured Weasel among other artists.

5. Fik Fameica:

Fik Famaica

Fik Fameica also known as Fresh Boy made show during the lockdown period despite the hard times that forced most artist to resort to plan B or rather other businesses.

Among his songs that he released during the lockdown period include Rock, Lov Lov and Majje that he produced with Azawi. Ready that he produced with Spice Diana and Mukugu that featured Becky Jones.

4. Chameleon:


Joseph Mayanja who is popularly known as Dr. Jose Chameleon surely ran around the clock during the lockdown period as he produced several songs and topped it up with an album.

Among the songs he released were the Siri Mujawo, Tatizo, Bakuuwe, and forever. To top it off, he released his “I am Joseph ” album to commemorate the country’s independence.

3. Pallaso:


Another Mayanja brother that yet again kept his relevance during the lockdown period truly is Pallaso. From the days when he released his Malamu” song and showed off his jaw dropping and, he has produced several songs.

Some of his unforgettable songs that he produced during the lockdown period include;. Mpa love, Kiliza, what is money, Nalonda Nemala, Romeo and Juliet with Feffe Bussi, Ndiwuwo and Baleke abo.

From his outlook, there’s no doubt he painted the music scene with a colorful scenery.

2. Bebe Cool:


Gagamel boss Bebe Cool never seizes to disappoint and even when the music industry was grappling from the impacts of the lockdown, he still stood strong and produced songs.

This time round, he even made a difference and used his wife Zuena as his video vixen in his famous song ‘make a wish.’

Away from this, he also produced other songs like Gyenvudde which was a narrative of his life struggles, I surrender, Fire Anthem and Combination.

1. Eddy Kenzo:


Topping the list is Eddy Kenzo who has effortlessly managed to maintain his presence at the top of the music industry within the lockdown and even when the country has normalcy.

After he was locked away in Ivory Coast for sometime, he returned with zeal that moved the music industry dropping songs like:. Weekend, Twenda tupaate as a remix with MC. Africa and Pia Pounds, Songa, Sango, Leero party and Satani Toyina Manya.

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That brings us to the top 6 male Ugandan artists that surely ruled the lockdown period in Uganda.

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