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5 important reasons of having sex as a married couple

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In the Bible, God granted sex as a gift meant to be enjoyed by a married couple, a man and his wife. There are certainly reasons as to why sex is important and our human beings were gifted with it aside from recreation.

Therefore, we shall share six benefits of having sex with you today so that you know why it is essential;

  1. Sex helps to lower blood pressure and reduce on risks of getting a heart attack. Since sex literally is a physical activity which involves vigorous activity, it will reduce in the chances of getting blood pressure as well as reducing on the chances of getting a heart attack.
  2. Secondly, it reduces stress and anxiety. Since time immemorial, sex is known for it’s relaxing effect on the human body and due to this, it definitely cuts down on stress levels as well as the levels of anxiety that you are most likely to face in life due to various challenges.
  3. Improves on your sleep. Once a couple has endulged in the act of having sex, their bodies immediately relax and surely, many couples have attested to having the best sleep ever after having sex. Therefore, it is known to improve the quality of sleep anyone will ever have.
  4. In case you have been having body pains, it may be the answer. The various pains you usually experience in your life can be tamed down by sex since it produces hormones that not only relax your body but also reduce on the pains that you usually feel.
  5. Research has shown that ejaculation reduces on chances of prostate cancer in men. The more men ejaculate, the less their chances of getting prostate cancer and therefore, it is important for a man to have it as much as possible, Science says at least 21 ejaculation per week.

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Those make the top five reasons as to why it is extremely essential for a couple to have sex as often as possible.

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