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3 reasons why Bobi Wine and Barbie are madly in love

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Robert Kyagulanyi Ssentamu and Barbara Itungo or as they are popularly know Bobi Wine and Barbie can surely be considered Uganda’s celebrity couple. However, have you ever wondered why Bobi Wine is madly in love with Bobi Wine, here are five reasons as to why he is totally stunned by her after all these years.

First, she lost her virginity to him. No man is happier than one who gets to break the virginity of the woman he loves. This has been supported by both tradition and Christianity as both remind us to keep ourselves for our husbands, no wonder, Bobi Wine’s heart shall always stay with Barbie, no matter what the two go through.

Secondly, Barbie forgave Bobi Wine’s adultery. The Bible speaks negatively of adultery and highly condemns the acts, however, it also teaches us to always forgive each other because we are all sinners. When the news broke of Bobi Wine’s other child, the public anticipated another celebrity breakup but to the shock of everyone, Barbie buried the hatchet and stayed by Bobi Wine’s side.

Also, she has a tattoo of Bobi Wine on her shoulder. On the day the couple got married, everyone was stunned to learn of Barbie’s tattoo but what had them staring endlessly was the fact that it was Bobi Wine’s face. Surely, what greater image of her love for him could ever be shown.

Barbie has also given Bobi Wine’s four children. Usually, people say it is through her might that he became a father. What can I say, I’m sure you’ve all heard of the tales of labour pains, however, Barbie went through this pain four times and now the couple is happily blessed with four children, Solomon, Shalom, Shadraq and Ssubi.

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Finally, she has stood with him through thick and thin. Throughout his battles both musically and politically, Barbie never deserts Bobi Wine, she always plays the role of a loving wife no wonder the confidence with which Bobi Wine attacks the various challenges that are pissed before him.

Conclusively, every man surely deserves a Barbie in his life, she laugh with him on the happy days and to comfort him on the days when things aren’t going as planned, just like a Proverbs 31 woman ought to be.

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