2020 UACE results set to be released next Friday

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2020 Uganda Advanced Certificate of Examinations (UACE) results are set to be released next week the 20th of August 2021.

Basing on sources within the Ministry of Education, the secondary level finishing Examinations results will most likely be released next week since the marking process has finally been completed.

Unlike most academic years, for the first time candidates did their examinations during the month of April yet usually, the secondary lever’s examinations are sat at the end of an academic year in between November and December.

The sudden change in program is attributed to the Covid-19 pandemic which left closes shut down for majority of 2020 hence affecting all candidate classes right from Primary Seven upto finalist students in higher institutions of learning.

Due to the long lasting impacts of the lockdown, students were forced to adopt to e-learning which helped them finally complete their levels of education with the final National examinations that were sat at the beginning of this year.

Last month, the Ministry of Education was in position to release the results for both the 2020 Primary Leaving Examination and also the Uganda Certificate of Education which were released on 17th July and 31st July subsequently.

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This leaves only the Uganda Advanced Certificate of Education which according to sources in the Ministry of Education shall be released next week on Friday, 20th August, 2021.

We pray for all candidates that sat their high school examinations last year that may they wxcel and not only get to universities or higher institutions of learning of their choose but also be granted the opportunity to pursue something they are passionate about.

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